NHT is currently experiencing some difficulties with our phone system. Please either leave a message or email either or an individual staff member. We will get back to you as soon as possible. 

NHT's submission on the Future of Gaming in Tasmania

NHT in response to the Future of Gaming in Tasmania Public Consultation Paper has made a submission regarding NHT and the Network of Houses position on the proposed reforms. For a copy of the submission click here

A short message from the NHT Team - 17 March 2020

It is business as usual for us at NHT; well as usual as business can be in the current environment. We are here, we are available and we want to serve our members. We aren't taking bookings for the group room and we are discouraging on site visitors (phone or video conferencing meetings are the new norm). If anyone needs a hand to set up telephone or video conferences please let us know.
We will keep reviewing these plans and let you know if anything changes.

Coronavirus & Neighbourhood Houses

Updated: Monday 27 April 2020

The situation with Coronavirus (Covid-19) is changing daily and as a result people are seeking guidance on how to deal with potential infection in their communities. As the Peak Body, NHT would like to provide some relevant information to the the Network about Covid-19.

The Tasmanian Government is providing daily updates, through the following sites:

Free statewide eSafety for Women workshops - March 2020

Good morning,

Please note – registrations for these workshops close Wednesday 26 February, we have limited availability at all three workshops so if you are interested in attending please send through your registration as soon as possible.

Work For the Dole Agreement

NHT in collaboration with member Houses and the Department of Education, Skills and Employment has developed an Agreement template for Houses to use with Jobactive Providers.

This Agreement aims to support Jobactive Providers and Houses to work together to create meaningful opportunities for Job Seekers and to have a clear understanding of each other’s role.

Any feedback on the template is most welcome; please call NHT or email @email

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