At Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania (NHT) we recognise the value of feedback. We actively seek feedback from our members and other stakeholders as it helps us to improve what we do. Feedback includes compliments and complaints. All feedback, regardless of nature is recorded and reviewed.

The information below is for feedback about NHT. If you have feedback about a Neighbourhood House, please contact the House directly as the first step.

Our Process –

To ensure the compliments, complaints and feedback process is as transparent as possible, we:

  • Respond to all complaints, compliments and feedback within a reasonable timeframe.
  • Provide information about our complaints handling process.
  • Ensure complaintants are listened to and treated with respect.
  • Provide reasons for our decision/s.

NB: As per the NHT Grievance and Complaints Policy, the designated Grievance and Complaints Contact Person (GCCP) is the Vice President (or designated Board Member). To contact the NHT Board directly please email: @email


Send us your feedback.

Feedback type
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NB: if you do not provide contact details, NHT may not be able to respond to you or consider your feedback due to insufficient information.
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