Events and training

DOTS with Amy Scott

Amy's back!  Register NOW for these online workshops.

Amy is the DOTS communication guru. DOTS focuses on 4 communication styles, simply known as red, yellow, blue and purple DOTS.

Regional Meetings

NORTH - 10.30 am - 2.00 pm

  • November: 17th       St Helens
  • February: 16th          Fingal
  • March: 30th              Dorset
  • May: 11th                   Deloraine
  • August: 3rd               Starting Point
  • September: 14th      Beaconsfield
  • October: 26th           Tresca
  • November: 30th      St Helens

SOUTH  -  10 am - 1 pm - NHT Hub, 16b Elmsleigh Road, Derwent Park

Our ZOOM meetings

Regular NH Network Connection - last Thursday of the month at 10am.

  • Date and time TBC an Introduction to Stacey Josephs from Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TCCI)

2020 NHT State Conference

Open the Doors - Raise the Roof - Spring into Action

Conference 2020

DOWNLOAD the program.

Conference 2019

It's done for another year. Presentations available soon.

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