So, Whose Job is it anyway?

So, Whose job is it anyway

So, Whose job is it anyway has been developed by NHT as a way for Board members and House staff to explore and learn about governance and management roles and responsibilities in an engaging and interactive manner.

The board game is available to purchase from NHT through the attached order form

Governance and Disaster Preparedness

NHT has received funding from the Department of Health and Human Services to undertake two new projects that will run until June 2022.

Art from the Heart

Neighbourhood Houses Tasmania has received a one-off gift from the Tasmanian Association of Recreational Artists Inc (TARA) to be distributed to Houses to support and encourage art activities in their local communities.

The Art from The Heart initiative is intended to give your communities the opportunity to explore their creativity through participation in art programs with the support and encouragement of a person with relevant arts based experience.

Art from the Heart grants have closed and we would like to congratulate: 

Everyday Literacy for Local Communities

The Everyday Literacy for Local Communities (ELLC) Project ran from 2009 - 2019 and was funded by the Tasmanian Community Fund to build the capacity of the Network of Houses to support literacy and numeracy activities and programs. The Project was based on a series of financial investment strategies and financial management decisions designed to maximise the return on the initial funding.

As described in the initial Program documentation, NHT needed to demonstrate that $1.5 million was invested over a 10 year period in the following ways:

Outcomes reporting

Neighbourhood Houses are using the Results Based Accountability approach to reporting.

Please see below files for instructions and templates, and for assistance please don't hesitate to contact the NHT office on 6228 6515.

Eating With Friends

Eating with friends is a social eating program that works from a community development framework to create regular social eating opportunities in local communities across Tasmania.

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