Support for our Neighbourhood House Neighbours in NSW and QLD

Bushfire support social

At this very moment, communities in Queensland and New South Wales are being devastated by catastrophic bushfires.

Now is the time for our nation-wide sector of over 1,000 neighbourhood houses/centres to rally together to support those communities directly impacted.

Neighbourhood houses/centres play a vital role in fostering community resilience, providing support during emergencies and leading community recovery in the aftermath of a disaster. Right now, staff and volunteers will be working tirelessly on the ground, providing desperately needed services to those who have either lost or are unable to access their homes.

The Australian Neighbourhood House and Centres Association (ANHCA) are leading a campaign to raise funds for these houses/centres to keep them going during this difficult time. We’re encouraging neighbourhood houses/centres across Australia to host a morning tea or similar event during the final week of November to raise money to support the relief.

Many Houses will

  • Host a morning tea or similar event (or another type of fundraising initiative) in the week commencing Monday 25 November through Sunday 1 December.
  • Request a minimum gold coin donation from each attendee.
  • During the event, post a photo or video message of support to your organisation’s Facebook page and other social accounts. Make sure to use the hashtag #SupportOurNHNeighbours so we can share it.

Total the funds collected and make a donation to ANHCA via the online donation form: (where it asks you to specify the organisation/program, please put ‘Bushfire Support Fund’)

Where will the fundraising go?

  • 90% of funds will go towards houses/centres currently impacted by the bushfires.
  • 10% will go towards a kitty fund to support future emergency efforts as they arise.

After the money has been distributed, we will publish a list of donors and recipients to the ANHCA website.

If you have any questions regarding the campaign, please email 

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