Northern Suburbs Community Centre - Newnham

Image of the Newnham Northern Suburbs Community Centre

The Northern Suburbs Community Centre provides a friendly meeting place for all members of the community. It offers time out, family support, recreational and educational programs and childcare. All persons wishing to utilise the Centre shall have the opportunity to grow personally, socially and educationally in a non-threatening environment. The Centre is committed to developing a sense of community.

Our services and activities include:

  • Family Support
  • Community Family Outreach
  • Information/Referrel/Advocacy
  • Play Group/Baby Bugs
  • Computer and Literacy Programs
  • Education Programs
  • Community Development
  • Community Lunch
  • Meenah Neenah
  • Nils Member Agency
  • Garden Programs

PO Box 143
Mowbray TAS 7248

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