Regional Meetings

Regional Meetings


NORTH - 10.20 am - 2.00 pm

Feb: 18th                    Beaconsfield
March: 31st               Dorset
May: 19th                  Deloraine
June: 30th                 NSCC
August: 11th             Starting Point Ravenswood (AGM)
October: 6th            Tresca
November: 17th      St Helens

SOUTH  -  10 am - 1 pm - NHT Hub, 16b Elmsleigh Road, Derwent Park

February 3 

Proposed Dates to be ratified in Feb:

March: 16th
April: 20th
May: 18th
June: 29th
August: 10th
September: 14th
October: 26th
December: 7th

NORTH WEST - 10.30 am - 12.30 pm - in Burnie

February: 19th
April: 22nd
June: 17th
August: 26th
November: 25th


February: 7th
March: 27th
July: 2nd - 3rd (Board retreat)
August: 7th
September: 4th
October: 30th (Board review)
November: 27th

School holidays in Tassie: 

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